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Immersive experiences in nature for self-experimentation and joy!

Welcome to Thruyoga®, a place where we share the path of life through different learning experiences where the main objective is individual self-knowledge and the expression of the whole being, using the practice of yoga as a philosophy of life and the main element in all activities that are taught.

Myself, Elisabet Camprubi, the founder of the project, I was introduced to the practice of yoga when I moved to Toronto in 2014. There was my awakening; where I began to look inside, to know myself and to align my life from my true feeling. I felt in love with the practice and became certified as a yoga instructor in 2017. Since then, Thruyoga was born to share life knowledge and accompany people to be more present, to feel comfort in discomfort and to embrace their inner child through practical experiences that They include yoga, meditation, writing, empowerment circles, and sharing life stories.
In January 2020, the Community of Newcomers in Toronto called Newcomers Thruyoga was created to create a space of support and well-being for newcomers through the practice of yoga and open conversation (in person and virtual) in order to relieve stress and worries that are generated when you move to live abroad.

Yoga changed my life and I believe it can do that for you too!

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Life is for sharing and we offer you a space where you can walk together through different experiences created to accompany you to move and live consciously.

We offer classes and experiences suitable for everyone, regardless of your age, knowledge and / or experience. Through an inside-out approach, we empower you to progress on your own journey by reconnecting with your own well-being and life purpose; aligning with your inner self; To always be yourself, love yourself a lot and be able to show yourself vulnerable in all your feelings.

Sharing your experience with others is a ritual. Self love is a ritual.

Yoga with Elisabet

Natura Experience



Join a community of like-minded people who moved abroad to support one another through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and open conversation.

Newcomers Thruyoga Community


Check the calendar to find out all the activities, classes and workshops that are happening around the globe to join what suits better your gut.


I am an emotional and temperamental person. Doing yoga is helping me a lot to get to know my own body, to recognize feelings, to self-regulate and to know how far to go.

Elisabet knows how to guide me during her classes and thanks to this accompaniment I have been able to open my feelings and emotions and let them out little by little. Physically, yoga also helps me to recognize what my body needs and asks me at every moment.

I was also lucky enough to be able to enjoy two Natura Experience events. The mix between yoga and nature was explosive. I experienced feelings I had never felt before. Elisabet made both experiences unforgettable!

Thank you for accompanying me and making me feel so good. Namaste!

– Vanessa Tebar, Early Childhood Educator | Barcelona

Thruyoga is a unique initiative where Elisabet combines the benefits of yoga and social activities with likeminded people, while promoting personal healing, acceptance and growth. Elisabet is an excellent yoga teacher who knows how to adapt to everyone levels. As a yoga beginner, this made me feel comfortable with my own body while it motivated me to seek healthy improvement. She is also great at guided meditations and at helping you to navigate through your own emotions. Overall, she is very talented, caring and engaged with the community: she often asks for feedback to take into account people’s needs and suggestions. I have practiced yoga with her for a few years and it has definitely helped me to be more at peace with myself. I highly recommend her.

Mercè Casas-Prat, Research Scientist | Toronto

I love them! I take online yoga classes with Thruyoga and I am happy with the sessions. Although it is not the same as in person, Elisabet explains very well each posture, each movement, which muscles work, and how we should feel the posture. She does agile and dynamic classes and I love it when she dedicates the practice focused on each chakra. The meditations are fantastic and very successful because when I finish the practice I feel agile, lighter, more ‘rooted’ in my body and she always always cares about our well-being after the practice. I wish I could attend in-person!

– Elisabet Arroni, CEO and Chef | Barcelona

Elisabet delivered such a calming and engaging session in celebration of International Day of Yoga for Ryerson students! She successfully empowered our audience to gain control over our thoughts and pursue internal balance, virtually through a live streaming platform. Her mindfulness approach truly shows her passion to inspire change and generosity towards ourselves. I am so glad Elisabet hosted our event, as her positive impact in our community has brought my team and students closer together! I highly recommend Elisabet for those seeking to enhance their positive mindset!

– Amanda Lok, President at Ryerson Campus Lions Club | Toronto

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