At Thruyoga we believe in the power of storytelling because we all have our own story and this is what makes us unique. We invite you to join our community to walk towards your own path with us, sharing stories, empowering and supporting one another, always from a place of acceptance and vulnerability. You aren’t alone! 

Storytelling moves people.

this is my story

I’m Elisabet Camprubi, a 200h Certified Yoga Instructor that was born and raised in a small town from Barcelona countryside. I always had a desire for travelling to learn from another cultures and meet new people, so I decided to move to Toronto for a year that finally turned into 7 years.

Canada taught me many things over time. It brought me a new life and a new me.

I always believe that things happen for a reason and the most exciting things do actually happen outside of one’s comfort zone.

Discovering yoga

Yoga came into my life when I needed the most. Someone told me to give it a try and I remember to think that this wasn’t a practice for me since the only thing I was caring about was to workout a lot to sweat and to take my mind out off things and feel released. But I was wrong. I assisted to my first hot yoga class and guess what happened: I opened my heart and I couldn’t resist to cry in silence. I felt safe and grateful for being there. Slowly, I became to practice yoga and introduce it as a routine in my life.

Yoga brought me to my childhood brought me to a place where I could feel comfort and be completely aware of myself. It helped me to feel grounded and to grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. I also find that yoga helps me to find the balance within breath and movement. Many things happened and I started becoming aware of the huge importance of the little things, the people around you and the importance of living!

We walk through life and the decisions and directions we take, define who we are and what our personalities are like.

I became a yoga instructor in 2017 and I have been teaching yoga since then. I found that yoga has helped her to feel grounded and to grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. I also find that  yoga helps her to find the balance within breath and movement. Yoga has been inspiring me to live each moment more mindfully, which is how I enjoy teaching my classes – focusing on the breath in every asana. I hold calm and deep classes, combining asanas with inspirational thoughts, seeking to help others to thrive and live with purpose and empowerment.

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In 2019, I got immersed into my first 10-day Vipassana meditation course at Dhamma Torana in Canada. Vipassana means to see things as they really are and is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. 

Since I love guiding people through mindfulness coaching and energy healing, I am always interested in learning different healing techniques to enrich my sessions and experiences with additional knowledge.  This is the reason why I also got different certifications in Reiki, Mindfulness and SUP Yoga and joined Yoga Alliance to be able to teach all modalities worldwide.

Finally, you can also find me at Designfulness, a company that I also founded where we help business leaders, teams, schools and individuals innovate and create a positive impact through a collection of activities founded in human-centred design, LEGO Serious Play and mindfulness. 

The workshops and talks that I perform brings a more creative, motivated, and driven workforce, that is resilient in the face of difficulties and roadblocks. At the same time, communication & vulnerability increases, with discussions on various workplace equity, health, and overall wellness coming to the forefront.



06/2021 First Aid Certification
Creu Roja, Barcelona, Spain

05/2021 50h SUPYoga Certification (50h YACEP)
IEY (Instituto Europeo de Yoga), Badalona, Spain

12/2020 mPEAK (Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness and Knowledge) Certification
First Water Performance, Toronto, Canada

05/2018 Usui Reiki L2 Certification
Hillary Faye – Awaken Love, Toronto, Canada

06/2017 Usui Reiki L1 Certification
Hillary Faye – Awaken Love, Toronto, Canada

06/2017 200h Yoga Instructor Certification (200h RYT)
Yogatree, Toronto, Canada


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