Harisha Mutyala

Professional Support: Hatha Yoga Instructor
Languages: English, Hindi & Telugu (Indian languages)
Namaste I’m Harisha!

When I stepped into a Yoga class 10 years ago, I left, changed! I discovered that there is more to Yoga than just a set of movements and poses, which drove me to start my journey and become a lifelong Yoga student.

Discovering myself through Yoga, I started appreciating my body at a new level. Understanding how each person is different in their mental, physical, emotional make up and lifestyle choices; have changed my perspective on Yoga completely which led to my Registered Yoga Trainer certifications (200hr & 500hr).

My Story Of Moving Abroad

I’m a hatha Yoga practitioner for over a decade & teacher for 2 years. My husband is a Canadian PR & I joined him in 2019 from India. I’ve always been excited about meeting new people, learning different cultures & languages, so moving to Canada was something I really looked forward to. Although the first few days were exciting, Covid lockdown shattered all my plans here! It’s safe to say Yoga is the only thing keeping me sane this year. From exploring teaching family & friends to building social media accounts, I have found a way to turn things around during these testing times.

From finding discipline in practicing meditation to building Yoga sequences by mapping hundreds of asanas with their benefits; and teaching Yoga at a personalized level; I have evolved! And is there a way to build a community for newcomers who love Yoga?! I am all in!!

Through Harisha Pranyudh Yoga, I aim to make Yoga simple yet effective for everyone, by decoding asanas which cater to different body types and health needs.
– Harisha

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