Newcomers Thruyoga Testimonials

Alone, we can do so little;
together, we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

I joined the Newcomers Thruyoga community on the very first day I moved to Toronto and this has definitely helped me to settle in and feel welcomed in a new city. Elisabet brings together people with a shared passion for yoga and nature and makes it a very enriching experience for everyone. I’ve joined a variety of activities within the Thruyoga community, including safe outdoors yoga practices, hikes, online challenges, and even a live music concert in the forest!

I particularly enjoy the morning yoga classes in weekdays, which make a big difference during the rest of my day at work. I’m really grateful for being part of this community and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

– Xènia Serrat, Biomedical Scientist | Toronto

I met Elisabet through her yoga class. I love her classes. She creates a warm and friendly environment to grow your practice. I leave her class both relaxed and full of positive energy. We also get to hangout and do various fun outdoor activities. Elisabet’s events have been helpful to many newcomers in Toronto to build social circle. She is genuine, caring and fun-loving. Glad to call Elisabet my friend now.

– Satish Parida, Senior Business Analyst | Toronto

Coming to Canada by myself was a completely new experience for me, as yoga was too. So, I decided to join the community, not only to practice yoga but also to explore myself with the support of other people. 

Being a newcomer is not easy. I left many things and many people in Spain and found myself lost and lonely. Practicing yoga has definitely helped me to go through all the emotions. 

I’m very grateful for being a part of this community created by Elisabet. She makes every class very special with different meditations, focus, essential oils… She brings support, positivity and love to each class. 

Newcomers Thruyoga always reminds me: “You are here and you are not alone!”

– Andrea Garzón, Early Childhood Educator | Toronto

I found the Facebook group Newcomers Thruyoga from another group for newcomers to Toronto. It’s been barely a month since I arrived in this city and Newcomers Thruyoga with Elisabet’s precious classes have allowed me to make rich encounters and especially to fight the stress due to this move and the current living conditions. The classes are accessible for beginners, there is no judgment, a lot of kindness between the members and from Elisabet. For the moment, I have experienced several outdoor classes and also video classes, it always went very well. I recommend this group to everyone, whether you are new to Toronto or looking to practice yoga in a group or if you want to make new friends.

– Michael Bertöni, Software Engineer | Toronto


Newcomers Thruyoga is great and Elisabet is a wonderful teacher and person! Discovering her classes was one of my highlights last year. It helped me to stay active and to decompress, which is even more important during these stressful times. I would definitely recommend these lessons to beginners, experienced yoga fans, or those who simply want to connect with a supportive community.

– Anastasia Baysheva, Artist | Toronto


My name is Carolina Santos Read and I wanted to talk a little bit about how Thruyoga has impacted me because of my move to Canada recently. I’m originally from the States (Spain before that) and I definitely felt a sense of wanting to find community and a little bit of loneliness when I first moved here. It has been such a special experience to join this group because the instructor Elisabet has made me feel so welcome and all the people in the group have like-minded interests so we all love yoga, hiking, meditation, and so on and so forth. All of our outings have been so much fun and practiced safely during Covid, and Covid has made for a very strange landscape to make new friends so this group has really made me feel welcome. I have a sense of community here in Canada and definitely feel like I am happier and more adjusted and I look forward to meeting up with everybody always and practicing yoga together! So I’m really grateful for ThruYoga and I know that anybody who joins this group especially if they’re new to Canada will feel a really warm sense of welcome.

– Carolina Santos Read, Actress and Blogger | Toronto

I’m Jenny, originally from China and recently moved to Toronto from Montreal. I would like to share my experience of joining Thruyoga group.

First of all I was touched by instructor Elisabet for her caring and loving. I was and still am going through a very difficult time of my life and covid did’t help. Elisabet messaged me to offer help after she read my brief introduction to join the group. After months of trying to get my life together all alone in a new city, I was just so touched and literally in tears to feel that someone really cares and understands. Joining the group, meeting these nice people, practicing Yoga and meditation, going for hikes (we even had a private concert from an amazing singer in our group), and having coffees and chats together, and much more, getting involved in all these has brought lights into my life. It feels good to be part of it and to know that I’m not alone.

I also really enjoyed every Yoga/meditation session with Elizabet. I love how she gives attention to not only the movements but also everyone’s feeling. I am learning a lot with her to open up myself, to face my real emotions and to move forward in this precious life. It is truly amazing to know that this group is a safe place to express myself and we are here for each other.

I feel so lucky and happy to be part of Thruyoga group.

– Jenny Xu, Chinese Teacher | Toronto

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