Prashanth Bhogaraju

Volunteer Role: Photographer
Languages: English, French

Hello everyone,

I am Prashanth Bhogaraju, you can call me Prash in short. I am currently located in Toronto and I work here as a 3D Animator and a freelance photographer. To share a little bit about myself, I am originally from India and I moved to Canada in 2012. Initially I came here to go to college for my Game Art program at Seneca College. I love sports, photography, dogs, making an unlimited number of friends.

My Story Of Moving Abroad

Canada has changed me as a person totally. I was a very introvert and a shy personality before I landed here. Initial days I had culture shock, felt lonely and very unaware of how I could make friends and make myself comfortable.  Lack of my family, friends and confidence has made me push my boundaries and go out of my cocoon. So I started to socialize by going to meetups, attending some sports gatherings, and learning photography which has led me to meet some amazing people. All this process has changed my self confidence.  Now I am comfortable in public speaking and most importantly being independent. 

I currently manage a meetup group called New in Toronto, which has about 15000 people and counting.  I would really like to help this community with what I have learnt out of these years of experience as a newcomer, how to deal with initial days, how to fight loneliness and most importantly how to make friends here who become family in this alien country. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions or suggestions that I could help with, or if you just need a friend to talk to.

– Prashanth


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