Newcomers Thruyoga



Finding strength into vulnerability and getting to know yourself within.

Being a newcomers may be stressful and pressing the pause button at moments of tension is much more useful than to just keep going.

Newcomers to Canada Community was born in Toronto to support newcomers through the practice of yoga, kindness and vulnerability. We practice both in person and remotely with different instructors that guide students to the practice and collectively share stories, tips and tricks that helped us to navigate through a place of uncertainty.


    • You are a newcomer in a new country
    • You want to expand your social network and meet other newcomers in the same location
    • Feel lonely and anxious
    • Build a healthy routine and get tips
    • Get started with yoga and mediation
    • Looking for a support system
    • Looking for friends and family in a new country
    • You want to begin again in life
    • You want to gain strength and stability
    • You want to take a new journey
    • You want to practice self care and self love


    Expand your network

    You’ll meet friends and gain camaraderie with the community. You will widen your network and learn from them.

     Practice yoga and meditation

    Begin a mindful journey through yoga practice. Taking care of yourself and your mind is as important as loving yourself.

    Experiences in nature and special events

    Going out and reconnecting with mother nature is one of the most wonderful things you can experience with us! We also conduct special events for you to make the journey extraordinary.

    Get support from professionals

    We have ex[erts who can provide appropriate suggestions for your needs. We care and empathize for you mental health.

    Build a healthy lifestyle

    We will help you begin a healthy living. We have various recommendations that you can try in order for you to live a holistic life.

    Virtual challenges, perks and more

    In this time of challenges and adversities, we are here to alleviate your situation. We offer different activities that you can get involved in and we’re looking forward to making more!


    Whenever the weather allows to do so, we practice yoga outdoors around different parks in Toronto GTA. Take a look at our latest experiences together.

    Stanley Park 

    Trinity Bellwoods Park

    Coronation Park: Halloween Edition 2020

    Trillium Park (Ontario Place – East Island)

    Ontario Place Marina (Ontario Place – West Island)

    Check our calendar to join our upcoming classes and events happening in Toronto and virtually.


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