Antoine Quiet

Volunteer Role: Photographer
Languages: English, French

Hi! My name is Antoine Akouissonne-Duqueroix aka Antoine Quiet.

I come from France and moved to Toronto in 2016. I always wanted to experience living abroad and as I value being in contact with people from different backgrounds. I chose Toronto because it is a multicultural city.

My Story Of Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country is not easy. You can feel lost and disoriented.  As a newcomer, I know how it feels. I started to practice Yoga in Toronto and I realized it was an efficient tool for self-care. Newcomers Thruyoga is a wonderful integration of what I support in life: self-care, community and social impact. That’s why I am part of it. I always welcome questions about Toronto and requests for portrait photography so do not be afraid to ask.


– Antoine 

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