Llac de Graugés (Spain)

Llac de Graugés

Graugés, February 13th, 2021

Graugés Lake is an artificial lake that was built at the end of the s. XIX by the Rosal family to save and provide water to the agricultural colony Graugés. 

Connecting with nature is connecting with life.


Yoga at the Lake

We walked around the lake until we stopped at a beautiful spot at the lake with stunning views where to do our yoga practice.

Mindful Eating

No ordinary apple: we practiced mindfulness by brining our full attention to solely on eating the apple: what it feels like in your mouth; what it tastes like; what it’s like to chew and swallow.

Guided meditation

Elisabet guided participants to a guided meditation over sunset to get them dialed into your surroundings.


Connect. Discover through the eyes of our inner child and her curiosity. To be grateful.

With these words I can try to summarize what Thruyoga offered us through this incredible outdoor experience. She accompanied us at all times and guided us within on our inner child journey, the one who looked at everything and touched, smelled and nibbled, to the curiosity for all things as if it was the first time you looked at them and felt them.

It has been a great experience through the senses, an awakening in a unique place, while the last lights of the day hided among the dark trees and the birds returned to their nests, it makes you feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful circle and its natural flow.


– Elisabet Arroni, Chef | Guixaró

A “360º” experience; an enriching time in many ways, with beautiful setting and with a fanatical company. Getting Elisabet’s guidance within this framework has been super enjoyable and comforting. As a break or a “reset” of the day to day. I hope I can repeat! Thank You Elisabet.

– Anna Altimiras, Designer | Puig-reig


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