Mental resilience

Mental resilience

October 28th, 2020

When we face a challenging, stressful, or traumatic event, mental resilience is our ability to bounce back to the pre-event mental in our minds.

Every event is different, each person processes things differently, and after a while, keeping up mental strength can be difficult.

How can we train our brain to not only bounce back faster and better, but to do so on an ongoing basis, to not get overwhelmed by stresses in daily life?

Three tips to try out to improve your mental resilience

1. Find purpose and meaning – even if something is a very negative or overwhelming event, try to find the positive lesson from the experience. Maybe it shows you can take charge in a crisis, or that you are innovative to solving problems with limited resources. Seeing the good in a bad situation can help you overcome challenges and see them as opportunities. 

2. Have someone to talk to – find a colleague, a family member, a friend or someone that you trust that you can talk to about anything. Knowing that there is someone there for you to listen to your issues, provide support, and generate ideas with you in a non judgemental way can help reduce feelings of helplessness. This is like a safety net for your mental wellbeing and promotes resilience, knowing that there is someone there to catch you if you need it.

3. Use the past as examples for the future – look back on the successes you have had. Take time to reflect on situations where you were overwhelmed, stressed or even failed. Then look and see how you overcome those challenges. Whether it is setting small goals, asking for help, or brushing up on your skills, using the past to inspire you and motivate you not only validates your experiences, but empowers you to take the first step to solving a new problem.

We hope these tips will help you triumph next time you face an unexpected challenge that seems insurmountable at first! 

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