Kshitij Garg (KG)

Professional Support: Holistic Healer
Languages: English, Hindi

Hey! I am called KG.

I have some experience as a civil engineer, yogi & an energy healer. My work enables me to live and work in different countries. This movement brings in lots of changes, lessons, learnings, new people and new experiences, most of them lovely, for which I am grateful. It also brings its own set of challenges, challenges of adjusting to new cultures, rules and way of life. Perhaps the most challenging aspect is managing ourselves with minimal support which often leads to experiencing a feeling of being lonely or a lack of belongingness. I got through this by starting meditation & healing groups, which slowly ballooned into a small community of healers, yogis and meditators. With regular sessions, classes and events, not only was I nourished and felt as if I belonged, I believe it also helped a lot of individuals heal and progress as souls.

Often a question is asked to me, where is home, & for me home is where the heart is, isn’t it? It’s always exciting to come across such communities, healing centers & yoga studios that are kind to share their teachings and energies. I am grateful to have been made to feel so welcomed in the Newcomers Thruyoga community.

I guess the best antidote to the perils of maya is to bring soulfulness in life.


My Story Of Moving Abroad

Nature moves. Stagnation leads to death. With this belief, I decided to try different parts of the world. Having a wonderful experience in Middle East, it was my chance of finding a new me in a new place. And hence began my journey to the land of trees, lakes, mountains and some good maple syrup.

It was definitely interesting to move during the pandemic. It added it’s own level of challenges.
As much as exciting it is to explore a new place, it is also daunting trying to settle in.
I absolutely loved the nature and the people. The people are just so sweet!

Amongst the usual challenges I faced were networking, the driving license, the lack of a credit score etc. It’s a process that can take time. Perhaps emotional challenges such as uncertainty, loneliness and the complete lack of social life during the pandemic are the ones to watch out for. Luckily, meditation, yoga, healing were the rock I had and I needed. A couple I know here and a few friends online made it easier.

Here is to milder winters and warmer summers!

– KG


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