Mindful pause

July 10th, 2020

Sometimes life just knocks the wind out of us.

Maybe it’s a job we thought we had, but we got let go. Maybe it’s a family loss that we never saw coming. Maybe its goal we had set and were so close to achieving, but something changed and now it seems impossible. 

It’s just as easy to beat ourselves up after something unexpected and negative happens in our lives. Why didn’t I try this? Do this? Think of this? Maybe it would have made a difference. When this happens, it not only hinders us from healing from the incident, but can also harm our mental health and our ability to self love. 

So what is there to do when we feel we can’t keep up with all our responsibilities, let alone process the sudden change in our lives?

We PAUSE. Simple as it sounds, it has tremendous potential.

P – Perceive

Tune into your feelings, accept them, don’t ignore them

A – Allow

Give yourself 10 seconds to let that awareness sink in.

U – Understand

Where your feelings are coming from and why they are coming up.    

S – Stay

In the moment, don’t jump to conclusions or process, analyze and move on quickly.

E – Entertain

Your options, think about what choices you have and what paths you can take.  


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